Paloma Terra

Hi, my name is Paloma Terra. I am an internationally educated midwife in the International Midwifery Pre Registration Program (IMPP) at Ryerson University. I am thrilled to be joining Kitchener Waterloo Midwifery Associates in December 2019 for 16 weeks. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. I was born and raised in Brazil. I came to Canada in 1990 as a teenager and married a wonderful French Canadian man in 1995! We had our first child, a son, with midwives in Montreal. Later, after the birth of our daughter, also born with midwives, I decided to become a midwife and gained my midwifery education in the US. In 2009, I went back to my home country of Brazil with my family. There I built an independent homebirth midwifery practice in Brasilia, Brazil’s capital. I recently relocated to Ontario with my family. In addition to English I speak Portuguese, French and Spanish. I am looking forward to meeting all of you – midwives, staff, and clients – at KWMA as we work together in the next few months. Thank you.