Mary Riddell (Midwifery Student)

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I come from a large family of eight children, many of whom were born with the assistance of midwives. Growing up surrounded by midwifery care significantly influenced my passion for this field and its unique characteristics. The compassionate and personalized care provided by midwives has always resonated with me.

Before transitioning to midwifery, I worked as a Personal Care Aid for disabled individuals, providing essential support to enhance their quality of life. This experience deepened my commitment to the well-being of others and provided valuable insights into the significance of client-centered care and empathy in healthcare.

In addition to my work as a Personal Care Aid, I have a background in Social Justice and Peace Studies from Western University, which has fueled my love for advocacy and a better world for everyone. This commitment to positive change and the well-being of all individuals is a fundamental aspect of my approach to both life and healthcare.

Outside of my studies, I have a love for physical activity, spending time with family and friends and thrifting awesome finds! I look forward to being a part of the journeys of those I work with, providing support during this special and beautiful time.