Maggie Helwig (Midwifery Student)

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I am currently a second-year student in the Midwifery education program at McMaster University. I grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and moved to Canada at age 10. Upon graduating high school, I moved to Texas to begin my midwifery journey. I worked under a lovely preceptor, gaining valuable insight on the midwife role in both hospital and home settings. Unfortunately, this adventure was cut short when I moved back to Ontario, due to the Covid pandemic.

Prior to entering the midwifery education program, I was pursuing an undergraduate degree in Public Health at Toronto Metropolitan University. Studying public health ignited a passion for social justice, equity and empowerment. I gained a deeper understanding of the importance of diving into the heart of communities, understanding their unique challenges and walking alongside them to co-create sustainable solutions.

Growing up with a mother who is a midwife has profoundly shaped my life, making midwifery a central part of my journey. I am very much looking forward to continuing my learning path to become a midwife and am sincerely thankful to those who allow me to be a part of their family’s journey.