Lisa (Xia) Li R.M.

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I was born in the morning when the sun just started to rise, and the brilliant sunshine spread warmth through the room. Thus, my parents gave me the name Xia, hoping I would be like the sun, warm and kind and someone whom others would always love. My English name is Lisa, a name that my clients gave to me in China. They said that my smile was as beautiful as the Mona Lisa’s smile, and whenever they saw it all their fears and anxieties would be forgotten. I kept this name because I know that my clients appreciated what I had done for them, and out of gratitude and love they gave me that name.

With my strong passion for women’s health and wellness, I had worked as an OB for over 10 years in China. I have delivered thousands of babies and loved my profession. I want to dedicate my whole life to this field. A few years ago, I moved to Canada with my family. I realized that helping childbearing women is still my true passion, so I entered the IMPP program at Ryerson University. After graduating, I was registered with the College of Midwives of Ontario in 2008. I did midwifery practice in Oshawa and in Sudbury. I really enjoyed this experience.

I believe strongly in the value of continuity of care and in a woman’s right to make informed choices and be able to choose her birthing place. I feel privileged to be a midwife and to be able to help foster confidence and bring fulfilment to women throughout their pregnancy and birthing experience. I am very excited to be a part of the Kitchener Waterloo Midwifery Associates and I am looking forward to working with you all and sharing my experience with clients during this very important time in their life.

Quotes From My Clients

  • “There are no words to express how thankful I am. Thank you for all that you have done throughout my pregnancy, labour and birth, and postpartum. For not only one baby, but now two.” MA
  • “Thank you for your support, dedication, and encouragement. It means so much to me. Until next time!” – BH
  • “[We] wanted to tell you how grateful we are for everything you did for us during my pregnancy. It was so comforting knowing I could call you anytime I needed to with questions or concerns … you were always so quick to call back. I knew I was in good hands with you as my midwife.” – AC