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KWMA Primary Care Midwifery Model

At KWMA our midwives follow a primary care midwifery model. This means that you will be assigned one midwife who will assume the majority of the responsibility for your care. Additionally, you will also be assigned a backup midwife who assumes responsibility for your care when your primary midwife is off call.

Our midwives are divided into two teams, which are never off call at the same time. Therefore, your primary and backup midwives will be assigned one from each team. You will find out at your initial appointment who your allocated midwives are.

KWMA midwives are very lucky to be supported by our two lovely staff members who keep the practice running smoothly, while we are running to catch your baby. In addition to our midwives and staff, we occasionally have student midwives at our clinic. Hands-on experience is an integral part of midwifery education.

Together as midwives, staff and students, we would like to welcome you to KWMA and we look forward to getting to know you.

Meet Our Midwives


Nasrin Bandari Vali R.M.

Eloise Douglas

Eloise Douglas R.M.


Heidi Johnston R.M.


Lisa (Xia) Li R.M.

Carole Thomson

Carole Thomson R.M.

Meet Our Staff

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Kate Kennedy

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Dawn Rainham

Meet Our Students

Mary Riddell black and white photo

Mary Riddell

Maggie Helwig Black and White photo

Maggie Helwig