Heather’s Story

Greetings, KW Midwifery Team, and Mina, Nasrin, and Carol in particular–

I was a patient of yours a year ago. My husband and I had just moved to Waterloo in July, and I was delighted when you informed me that there was space to take me on with your team of midwives. You matched me up with Mina (Nasrin as back-up), and we launched into our every-two-weeks and then weekly appointments as the due date approached (and then passed… along with a whole extra week).

Our daughter was born after a short and relatively smooth labour: contractions began at 7:30pm, and we were home with our newborn by 7:30am the next morning after a brief “pause” at Grand River Hospital in the middle. Mina was calm and collected even as she speedily prepped the delivery room while coaching me through the final contractions. Carol swooped in just in time to see baby arrive, cut the cord, and oversee her first minutes of screeching.

The birth was everything I’d hoped it would be – I was able to do the majority of labour at home, to work with a midwife and doula team who guided and supported me through it all, to have my husband AND my sister AND mom be present, to bring our perfect little baby home right away and fall asleep in my own bed with her nestled in the bassinet beside me.

Those first few days and weeks were, of course, a bit of a dazed and dazzled blur. It was so reassuring to have home visits from Mina (who told me I’d done a good job and was the best mom for this baby) and Carol (who helped me navigate the initial physical healing with tact and empathy), and office check-ins with Nasrin (who gushed over babe’s cuteness and increasing chubbiness).

My baby is now a happy, social, curious little toddler who has been walking since 10 months, has 6 teeth, and doesn’t ever stop “talking.” She loves kitties (“meow-meows”) and dogs, as well as balls, balloons, bubbles, blueberries, and baths (pretty much anything that starts with a “B”). She forcefully makes the sign for “milk” whenever she wants to nurse, tells us she’s “all done” when she wants to get down from her high chair, and brings us books when she would like us to read to her. She has visited 3 provinces and 13 states, ridden on 8 airplanes, and camped in a VW van and a tent. She smiles, she giggles, she dances… In short, she is a wonder and a delight! (I may be regularly exhausted, and she may not sleep through the night yet, but we’ll get there… right?) I can’t believe that we just celebrated her first birthday.

From the perspective of “one year later,” then, I write to say thank you. Thank you for welcoming us into your practice, for welcoming my daughter into the world, and for welcoming me into the land of new-ish motherhood (I have step-children, but I didn’t get to meet them until they were teenagers, so the tiny newborn needs were a whole new adventure). I feel extraordinarily fortunate to have met and been cared for by you all, and I’m so glad that you are part of the “story” of this baby. I hope that this past year has been kind to you all, as you have ushered in new lives and gone about your own lives as well.