Birthing Suite

What to expect in the Birthing Suite:


  • A comfortable home-like setting furnished with a double bed, chairs and a fireplace. You can control the heating and the air-conditioning.
  • A large ensuite bathroom with a walk-in shower, as well as a birth tub for waterbirths.
  • A variety of pain relief options including; TENS, hydrotherapy and Nitrous Oxide gas.
  • A fridge and microwave are available for your convenience.
Frequently Asked Questions:

CSC_0040How do I book the Birthing Suite for my birth?
Due to the unpredictability of when babies arrive, the Birthing Suite is available to suitable women on a first come, first serve basis.

Who is eligible to have a birth in the Birthing Suite?
Clients of KWMA who are healthy, having an uncomplicated pregnancy and remain so in labour are the best candidates for the Birthing Suite.  Your midwife is trained to recognize situations that are not appropriate for out-of-hospital birth.

What should I bring with me to the Birthing Suite?
2-3 Towels, 3-4 face clothes, a set of double sheets, waterproof sheet or plastic shower curtain, sanitary pads and newborn diapers, 2-4 baby blankets, an outfit and car seat for baby to go home in and drinks and snacks.

Can I transfer to the hospital if I’ve planned to give birth in the Birthing Suite?
Yes, wherever you are planning to give birth, you have the option to change your mind any time before the baby is born.

Advantages to giving birth in the Birthing Suite:


  • The Birthing Suite provides a safe, comfortable and quiet setting for you and your family to actively participate in every phase of your birth experience.
  • There are no restrictions on visiting times or the number of visitors/support people at your birth.
  • Giving birth out-of-hospital leads to fewer unnecessary medical interventions.
  • Midwifery-led care in the Birthing Suite has the potential to be more cost-effective for the health care system than providing care in a hospital.