Birth Stories

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My baby was 12 days overdue. I was ready for the baby to arrive. I had to be induced. The midwife walked me through the entire process and it went very smoothly. I was able to go into labour without a transfer of care which was GREAT! Unfortunately, my midwife was off-call but another midwife was there to help me and she was perfect as well. They know many techniques to help with contractions and pushing. Best thing is that you get to bring your baby home very quickly and then they come to you the following day at your home for a check-up. I cannot imagine giving birth to a baby without a midwife. – Rebecca

I was a client of KW midwives twice, once in 2008 and again in 2010. This is the birth story of my second daughter. I woke up at 6:30am to light contractions every 7 minutes, this continued until 8:30am and I could not sleep. My husband got up for work and I got up too since I wasn’t able to fall back asleep. He went to work because they were not strong and not getting closer and I was 2 days overdue and had experienced false labour twice before.

We assumed it would settle down and if it didn’t I would call him since he worked 10 minutes away. I had called my midwife at 11 to give her a heads up. Shortly thereaftercalling, contractions spread out to 5-20 minutes. I had ignored them for a while because they were not getting stronger. I called the midwife in the morning to say that it might be the real thing, I was told to call back when the contractions became stronger and more regular but not too wait too long since my labour with my first was only 6 hrs of (active) labour and they wanted to be able to get there on time if this one came quicker! Throughout the day the contractions stayed strong enough that I had to stop and breathe through them but it wasn’t anything unmanageable. They would slow down for a few hours and start again so I assumed that I would be waiting another day. So I continued on about my day and didn’t give the contractions much thought. My midwife called back around 4pm to check in. I told her that things slowed down and she said better luck for tomorrow.

My contractions continued 7-10 minutes apart and began to get a little stronger but not overly painful, I was still able to talk and walk. I made supper and cleaned a bit around 5 while having contractions still. I sat down on couch at 6:30pm to relax and my water broke. I called the midwife and my sister in law. The student midwife and midwife came over around 7 and checked at 7:30 and I was 5 cm dilated. I wasn’t in a lot of pain and we were just sitting in the living room having a chat about all sorts of non birth related things, I almost forgot what I was about to do! It just felt like a little get-together over tea! Contractions began to get more painful and 4-5 minutes apart and around 8:30 pm I was at 7 cm. Contractions got harder and I was stuck at 7cm until 10:30. The midwife did a stretch and sweep to help. I think that hurt more than the contractions but it really helped to move things along. I started transition and contractions felt like they did not break between.

I used a birth ball to lean on and rock. My nearly two year old daughter kept coming in the bedroom to give me props and steal the freezies I was being fed. She was very relaxed and excited about the whole situation. Between contractions she hung out in the living room with her aunt. My husband and midwives took shifts putting pressure on my back. Around 11:15 I felt like pushing. My secondary midwife arrived. She was my primary with my first child and she was actually off call but really wanted to be there so she came over anyways, I love her for that! It was really nice having her there for both births! I pushed on the bed on hands and knees. The midwives used hot compresses on my perineum. My daughter was born at 11:29pm. I had a separation bleed and so the placenta was clamped and pulled out. Everything was fine. I lied back on the bed with my baby and nursed her. My toddler came in to meet her and looked confused but she warmed up to her no problem. She was 3 and my younger daughter was 1 and they are best friends. I love midwifery and my homebirth experience. I would never change a single thing about my births. They were both very peaceful and fulfilling. – Kyla, 2011

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