Adriana Fontaine R.M.

AdrianaI was inspired to become a midwife during my own three pregnancies; as I discovered the importance of informed choice and supportive family-centred care during pregnancy and the postpartum period. I grew up in Waterloo and am very excited to be working as a midwife in my home community. I am a graduate of the Midwifery Education Program at McMaster University. During my midwifery training I had diverse placements that included prenatal genetics, lactation, obstetrics, nursing and public health. Prior to midwifery, I completed a Masters in Anthropology, specializing in bioarchaeology.

I believe that pregnancy, labour and birth are very important and profound experiences for women and their families, and I am always humbled by it. I look forward to meeting and working with you, and hope that I can return that privilege in kind.